August 16th, 2014 (10:22 am)

My fiancé isn’t a gamer!

Sometimes I wish Justin would play video games with me more often, but then I think of all the girls on the other end of the spectrum struggling with their gaming-addicted boyfriends & I’m like “oh Ashley, be careful what you wish for.”


We’ve been playing Borderlands 2 together lately but he likes a break after 30 minutes and I’d really prefer to lose myself in it for a few hours (don’t judge me! lol).


Ever since Justin read Society of the Spectacle a few years back his excuses have become increasingly intellectual and of course they are now much harder to challenge! I adore his mind though and couldn’t hope to change it even if it would mean more couch-based multiplayer. He’s my sensitive dreamboat and it only takes 5 minutes of unmuted online multiplayer to remember how lucky I really am.

Yeah I know, First World Problems and all of that…

August 14th, 2014 (11:53 am)

More like ‘The Fault With No Stars’ amirite?

The worst movie of the year for me is The Fault in Our Stars. I rarely leave a movie without finishing but we walked out of this one an hour in and it had been quite a feat to last that long.

The two no-name leads were sooooo annoying and the dialogue was paradoxically both trite and pretentious. I certainly don’t believe characters need to be “likeable”, but these two were downright unbearable – both of them are just stock “quirky/snarky” characters spouting recycled witticisms that were passé 10 years ago.

A metaphor, did you say? How novel!

A metaphor, did you say? How novel!

The writer is clearly out of touch, tries to do the whole Diablo Cody thing, and of course fails miserably. It was like paying to watch Lifetime TV on the big screen.

I read the reviews afterward and felt people weren’t being honest about how lame this movie is because the story deals with cancer/dying and nobody wants to look like a fucking asshole. Fortunately, I don’t mind:

Avoid this movie lest it give you brain cancer.

August 12th, 2014 (4:08 am)

The implications of Robin Williams’s suicide

Well, it’s as I feared: Life doesn’t get any more bearable with age. Even if you’re  wealthy and loved by millions, being alive fucking hurts.

It’s been a bad few years for me and I don’t see things ever getting better, though to be fair, I haven’t really tried. I guess the problem is finding a reason to try at all.