Products I Adore

Obviously I use more products than this but these are the only ones I actually use consistently.

I always had a hard time finding a good foundation. I use Clinique Superbalanced compact makeup ($26.50) in “vanilla”. It’s a solid make-up but transforms into a liquid during application – then dries to a powder-light finish.

I use Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner ($7) and CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus ($6) for lining my eyes.

I use Maybelline Great Lash ($5), it’s classic, cheap and available everywhere. Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara ($8) is pretty good also.

I use C.O. Bigelow Lip Tint ($7.50) on my lips. I like the peppermint kind, in red (#1136). It feels like ice on your mouth and gives the perfect amount of color – plus, it’s all natural. Find it at Bath & Body Works. Sometimes I use Loreal Paris Colour Juice Sheer Lip Gloss ($7).

I love MAC pigments. Just dab a little vaseline on your eyelids and the powder stays on. The colors are fucking amazing. I usually buy small lots of sample sizes off ebay, because they are very expensive to buy separately, and a little goes a long way. I also like Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow ($17) which is creamy and comes in really pretty compacts. I use “Vert Green” a lot, but want to try more colors, all of their shades are insanely bright.

I don’t use perfume a lot, I like body spray. I’ve used Victoria’s Secret Love Spell ($9) since I was 15! My friend Kate got me into it and I’ve loved it ever since.

If you have long hair and constantly wear it up, Goody Ouchless! Hair Bands ($2) are a must. They don’t have those stupid metal pieces on them.

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