Loan for Prefabricated Homes

Loan for Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated houses have made life easier for many people, but where to find credit for prefabricated homes? They are easy to assemble, have many different sizes and sizes, and are an economical choice for home ownership. Prefabricated houses can be found in both wood and concrete, each of these types having some characteristics to facilitate the assembly and maintenance of the house. For those who are looking for a financial aid to acquire their prefabricated house, we prepared some tips on how to get credit.

Virtually all financial institutions that offer credit for real estate financing stipulate specific conditions for when the home in question is built entirely with the use of wood. One of the conditions, for example, is the obligation to contract fire insurance. In addition, the deadline for financing is reduced compared to masonry homes or apartments. The average time for the value of financing for the construction of precast houses to be paid in full is 120 months or 10 years.

Banco do Brasil offers, in partnership with the Yupex Real Estate Financing – Savings and Loan Association, the financing of up to 80% of the value of the prefabricated house. One of the requirements for the release of resources is that the prefabricated house is new, with a maximum of 6 months of habitation (document granting authorization for housing, provided by the city hall). For those who have values ​​in the FGTS account, there is also the option to use these resources to give entry to the purchase of the property, or even pay the full amount.

Through the Housing Finance programs of Eicredit, it is also possible to carry out the financing so that you can buy your prefabricated house. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions imposed by Eicredit such as the time of existence of the property, the material used for construction and the existence of the necessary documentation for the approval of the financing. Depending on the mode of financing, you can opt for different payment schemes, such as the SAC table, where the value of the installments decreases with time.

In most cases, the company that builds or markets the prefabricated houses already offers agreements or partnerships with financial institutions, so it is much simpler to get credit for the purchase of your molded house because you can solve everything in one just place Some companies even work with their own financing, where you can pay through pre-dated checks, making it easier for anyone who has difficulty obtaining real estate or personal loans at banks.

With all these tips it’s easy to get credit for prefabricated homes, is not it? Now, it’s even hard to choose from the hundreds of different models offered in the market, one more beautiful than the other.

In some cases, you can even choose the size, quantity and layout of the rooms in your future home, leaving it even more with your face. Search, compare and know all the options to get credit to buy your home, one of the greatest achievements that a person can achieve, have his own property!